Experience the Luxurious Dermaplaning Facial at Bella Rosa Beauty in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Experience the Luxurious Dermaplaning Facial at Bella Rosa Beauty in Pewaukee, Wisconsin

Step into a realm of rejuvenation and indulge in the exquisite Dermaplaning Facial at Bella Rosa Beauty, nestled in the heart of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. This unparalleled skincare experience combines the precision of dermaplaning with a carefully curated set of treatments, promising a radiant and revitalized complexion.


The Dermaplaning Advantage:

At Bella Rosa Beauty, our Dermaplaning Facial takes center stage, offering a meticulous exfoliation process that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, leaving your skin smoother and more receptive to subsequent treatments. Dermaplaning involves a gentle scraping of the skin's surface using a surgical blade, instantly unveiling a brighter, more luminous complexion. This process not only enhances the absorption of skincare products but also contributes to a flawless makeup application.

The Cleansing Ritual:

Our expert esthetician begins the Dermaplaning Facial with a thorough cleansing tailored to your skin's unique needs. This essential step ensures the removal of impurities, makeup residue, and environmental pollutants, laying the foundation for the subsequent dermaplaning procedure.

Enzyme Exfoliation Magic:

Following the cleansing ritual, indulge in the benefits of enzyme exfoliation. Our specialized enzyme treatment gently dissolves dead skin cells, promoting cellular turnover and further preparing your skin for the dermaplaning process. This dynamic duo of dermaplaning and enzyme exfoliation unveils a refreshed, glowing complexion, setting the stage for the next level of pampering.

A Symphony of Relaxation: The 10-Minute Massage:

At Bella Rosa Beauty, we believe in elevating skincare to a holistic experience. Following dermaplaning and enzyme exfoliation, treat yourself to a blissful 10-minute face, neck, and chest massage. Our skilled esthetician employs techniques that not only enhance relaxation but also stimulate blood circulation, promoting a natural, radiant glow from within.

The Treatment Mask Finale:

To conclude this indulgent experience, our Dermaplaning Facial includes the application of a carefully chosen treatment mask. This mask is tailored to address specific skincare concerns, whether it be hydration, acne controlling, or calming. As it sets, you'll feel a soothing sensation, allowing the mask's potent ingredients to work their magic, leaving your skin nourished, revitalized, and visibly transformed.

Why Choose Bella Rosa Beauty in Pewaukee?

Bella Rosa Beauty stands as a beacon of excellence in skincare services in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Our commitment to providing personalized, results-driven treatments sets us apart. The Dermaplaning Facial is just one example of our dedication to delivering a luxurious experience that goes beyond traditional skincare routines.

Not only do we prioritize the efficacy of our treatments, but we also strive to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Our skilled esthetician at Bella Rosa Beauty is passionate about enhancing your natural beauty and ensuring your comfort throughout the entire skincare journey.


Embark on a journey of unparalleled skincare indulgence with the Dermaplaning Facial at Bella Rosa Beauty in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. From the meticulous dermaplaning process to the 10-minute massage and the bespoke treatment mask, every element of this experience is designed to rejuvenate and elevate your skin to new heights. Book your appointment today and discover the radiance that awaits you at Bella Rosa Beauty.

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